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First Hand

Manny Vasant MBE BDS MGDS FFGDP(UK) FDS Diploma tutor, Central London Division of the FGDP(UK), Specialist Practitioner in Prosthodontics (London) Lead Advisor for LPMDE

'The Central London MGDS and MFGDP(UK) study groups provide courses by GDPs, for GDPs and of GDPs. Together we commit ourselves to better care for our patients. Let us learn from one another. Our aim is to make good dentists better.'

Why not join Manny Vasant and colleagues at the Central London and work towards your MGDS or MFGDP(UK) as part of your CPD?

Before the advent of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (UK), general dental practice was seen by some as the Cinderella of dentistry, who had to leave the ball early before the fun began, leaving its development to other institutions.

How different the picture is today. With the help of the Faculty, GDPs are becoming increasingly responsible for their own continuing education. A career structure is evolving, general practice is on the move and gaining speed.


It is expected that in the forthcoming years, general practitioners will follow their vocational year with a further year of postgraduate study leading to the MFGDP(UK) - a standard of competence in general practice. Following this - maybe 4-5 years later - with the MGDS - the standard of excellence in clinical practice. And then on to the ultimate goal - the Fellowship in General Dental Practice [FFGDP(UK)]. About 30 GDPs have already

So what part do the Central London Study Groups play in this?

The MGDS Group was started in 1986 by Raj Raja Rayan with the help of the other founder members: Ruby Austin, Ken Eaton, Roger Goulden, Mike Townsend and Manny Vasant. Professor Sheiham provided the accommodation in his department in Gower Street, where the group met for several years before being relocated to the current salubrious venue at the Institute of Child Health in Guildford Street, London.

Every October since its inception, some 100 dentists have enrolled for the Central London Section 63 course, which takes place over 18 Tuesday evenings. Since the stepping stone to the MGDS was the Diploma in General Dental Practice now the MFGDP(UK) - it was inevitable that a sister group would be established along the same lines. As a diploma tutor I undertook this responsibility and, with the help of colleagues, established the group in 1994. This group regularly meets on 12(different) Tuesday evenings at the same venue. The two groups have co-existed so that a free interchange and continuity between the two is available. This educational process for general dental practitioners, pioneered by the Central London Group and utilising study groups, has not only been replicated in other parts of the UK, but has also received international acclaim.

I have been fortunate to have been associated with both groups from the outset and have seen many practitioners revive and revitalise their interest in dentistry. Many of the products of the groups have joined the group as honorary course tutors. Amongst them over the years, Richard Wilson, Rash Patel, Steve Perry, Martin Hussain and Davinderpal Kooner, who have also taken on the additional burden of many of the administrative tasks. The group is unique in the sense that it works without a postgraduate centre or a secretariat (Manny Vasant's practice handles the correspondence and some temporary ad hoc help is hired as required). I am pleased to say that as of this summer the MFGDP(UK) and MGDS Study Groups will be administered by Simon Cox at the LPMDE, 20 Guildford Street, London WC1N 1DZ; telephone 020 7692 3149 to whom any inquiries must be addressed.

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