Thank you card from a lady Implant patient, Croydon

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Mr Vasant

Thank you so much for giving me a smile to be proud of, I cannot thank you enough. Your manner and patience throughout cannot be faulted. My family cannot believe that my teeth are implants as they look so natural.

I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of having dental implants and I would be more than pleased to show them the work you have done.

Once again, thank you. You have made me so happy and given me back my confidence.

Thank you card from a long standing patient of almost 30 years

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Dr 'Manny' Vasant ~ MBE

Thank you so much for my new, improved and brighter, whiter smile! I'm so pleased I had the dental work, it took quite a long time but was well worth it. It also made me realise that art and science + skill are part of dentistry and your expertise in this field is obviously well recognised by your colleagues and patients.

I feel very privileged to have met you early on in your career - you left a lasting impression because years (decades actually!) I looked you up when I learned of your practice in Norbury. I'm one of those people who have a fear of dentists but I have every confidence in you. See you in about 6 months!! All the best and thank you.

Thank you letter from Debbie B and Vince B, about their little boy who had a playground accident, Surrey

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Mr Vasant

How can I ever say thank you enough for saving Matthew's teeth? You have been so kind in seeing him so quickly and showing such kindness. Matthew described it as the worst day of his life and you were there to make it all better.

I could not believe the finished results you worked wonders, and it touched my heart to think that you would go to the surgery late on a Sunday night to help a little boy in great distress.

It goes to prove what Vince and I have said all along that you are the best dentist we could have wished for.

Thank you so much. See you during August for a check up.
With our best and warmest wishes.

Thank you card from Eileen P, Denture patient, Norbury

Front: I'm ever so grateful and really appreciative

Inside: ...just 'thanks' seems to small a word!

Message: To Dr Vasant. Everyone has admired my "New" teeth. Thank you.

Thank you letter from John W, Root Canal Treatment patient, Norbury

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Mr Vasant

I think you will be interested to hear that your skilled treatment last month, including a canal filling to my very troublesome lower molar has been completely successful.

I am delighted not only to lose the pain but also to retain the tooth. Many thanks for your attentive treatment to myself and my wife over so many years.

Thank you card from Heeral, London

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Mr Vasant

I would like to say how delighted I am with the result of the work you have done on my front teeth.

Now, I inally have the 'Perfect Smile' I have dreamed of for years.

Thank you very much for all your kind efforts.

Thank you letter from John W, on behalf of his wife, Denture patient, Croydon

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Dr Vasant

I am writing to thank you for the arrangements made by you for my wife's new denture. It seems a virtual perfect fit and has resulted in a perceptible improvement in the way in which she deals with solids.

I am particularly grateful for the obvious personal care and sympathy you have exercised in this matter and most appreciative of the reasonable professional fee for the work involved.

Thank you card from Adell T, patient, London

Front: Thank you

Inside: ...very much

Message: Thank you for being so professional.

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Dr Nath

Thank you so much! Thank you for treating me at such short notice, for taking away my pain, for reassuring me of each stage of my treatment, for going beyond the call of duty + following up with a call before my flight, for giving me a second treatment as soon as I arrived back!

Thank you letter from Mathew B, lost/broke teeth in playground accident, Surrey

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Mr Vasant

I would like to thank you for being so kind hearted. It was horrible, when they came out I was so frightened. I did not know what to say to Mum and Dad.

Mr Vasant you saved my life. Now I don't have to walk round school being called "GOOFY". Mum and dad said they knew a man who could have me back to normal. And that great, great man was YOU!!!

Once again I would like to thank you for saving my teeths' lives. I am going to tell everyone about you. You're the best.

Thank you card from Marian S, Norbury

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Dr Vasant

I would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient attention in treating me yesterday, it was very much appreciated.

I am feeling so much better today and now looking forward to my holiday. Thank you once again.

Thank you letter from Joyce F, about her son who smashed his teeth, Croydon

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Mr Vasant

I felt I must write to you to say how kind and considerate your staff and associates are. My son smashed his teeth new year's eve. I phoned your surgery on the 2nd Jan and spoke to Tammy who was very kind to me as I was so worried. She listened to me and calmed me down. My son then saw Dr Nath and his nurse. Dr Nath has done excellent work on my own teeth in the past. He was so kind and calm and explained everything to us.

I want to express my thanks as yours is not the easiest of jobs. I find all your staff including your hygienist friendly, kind, caring people. They always enquire how the family are as you have 4 generations of us as your patients. We are very fortunate to be your patients.

Thank you card from Betty M, Denture patient, London

Front: A Message Of Thanks

Inside: Just a little thank you, Said in a simple way, Holds much appreciation, As it come to you today

Message: Dentures are nothing short of smashing - as a matter of fact, find it quite hard to get bottom plate out, but not even a crumb gets underneath. Thank you once again.

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Dr Vasant

I meant to write a while back to thank you very much indeed for my two front teeth implants.

As you will know, I was extremely nervous about the procedure and want to say thank you for your patience and for the wonderful final effect you achieved.

I am very happy with them and have received many compliments. Wishing you all the best. And I will see you at my annual appointment which will be in September next year.

Thank you card from a gentleman, Croydon

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Dr M K Vasant MBE

You are truly a brilliant dental surgeon, who treated me with compassion and care. I appreciate all you did for me. You are a marvellous man.

I wish you and your family good health, happiness, and may the "prosperities of life" come to you all in abundance.

Thank you card from a lady, London

Dr. Mr Vasant

Just to say

I am delighted with

my two front teeth.
Many thanks...

Thank you card from a lady, Norbury

Dr. Mr Vasant

Thanks again

To Dr Vasant MBE

and staff who looked after me on my recent visits to the surgery.

I am very pleased with my treatment.

Thank you again and again.

Thank you card from a couple, London

Dr. Mr Vasant

Dear Dr Vasant

I am sending this with R, as he comes for his appointment with you, to thank you very much for your excellent care of our teeth over the years.

We have always had great confidence in your treatment.

Thank you card from a lady, Norbury

Dr. Mr Vasant

To Dr Vasant

Thank you for your patience and understanding concerning my tooth.

Above all thank you for doing such a "perfect" and wonderful job.
God bless you and may your special skills continue to bring happiness into people's lives.

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