Why we use Straumann Dental Implants

There are literally hundreds of different companies making dental implants worldwide. Out of these, there are a handful of large global companies who have been around for decades. Rather than choose implants purely on lowest cost, we only use implants these large companies. There are several reasons for this;

Unfortunately, we have seen cases where it is either very difficult or impossible to get components for dental implants because the company doesn’t distribute in the UK, or the company has gone out of business. There can also be situations where companies still exist, but do not have catalogues in English as they do not serve English-speaking markets. Many of the lower-cost dental implant companies will only serve their local markets.

We want to maximise the chances that the patients that we place implants into, will be able to service their implants for the rest of their lives, whether they are in the UK or have moved abroad.

The decision to replace your missing teeth with dental implants from Straumann is an excellent investment in your oral health and appearance. Straumann, together with your dentist, can help you to improve your quality of life and find the right solution for you to restore functionality and help improve your smile and increase your overall confidence.

When we talk about healthy teeth, it is not only their function to which we refer. Teeth play a central role in your physical appearance and smiling is also good for your health. For this reason, Straumann restorations are made to match your natural teeth and give you back your smile.


-Straumann® Roxolid® - less invasive treatments thanks to higher strength Implants are anchored in the jaw bone like natural teeth.

If there is not enough bone available, a bone augmentation procedure is an established method. However, under certain conditions – which, as always, must be evaluated first by your dentist – the bone augmentation step can be skipped. With Roxolid®, Straumann has developed a unique material for dental implants that offers even more strength than titanium implants. In this context, more strength means that the implant can bear a greater load. As a result, Straumann implants made from Roxolid® may be used when smaller implants are necessary due to insufficient bone. With the option to use smaller implants and if a bone augmentation procedure can be avoided, treatment time may also be reduced as the surgery requires fewer steps.

-Straumann® SLActive® - Faster healing times and more predictability

The scientists at Straumann have researched the possibilities of significantly reducing healing time after insertion and enhancing the predictability of the outcome, without additional risk to the implant integration. The outcome: Straumann® SLActive®, the ground-breaking and clinically proven implant surface. This technology may cut healing time in half by initiating the bone formation process at an earlier stage, resulting in substantially improved implant stability. Furthermore, it improves treatment predictability in clinically challenging situations.

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